Confectionery Hello Chocolate - Founder: Gillian Lyth

Meet Gillian and Stan Lyth, a couple who run the successful bespoke chocolate makers Hello Chocolate in Scotland which they started with a mere £400 ($640).

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Bootstrapping your new business is a great way to finally get set up and moving without a lot of money to start with. Learn to Bootstrap your food business!

Confectionery Tache Chocolate - Aditi's Adorable Apprentice Angels

Aditi tells of her devotion to building a respected artisan food business in the heart of NYC on her own terms, benefiting from a network of family members.

Dairy Abernethy Butter - Alison and Will Abernethy

Alison and Will Abernethy run a highly-successful artisan butter-makers, and produce creamy hand-churned butter. They’re already in 55 restaurants across the UK, and spreading fast!