Author Mark Hayes - Editor

Mark Hayes - Editor

Graduating after 4 years at Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland, Mark worked in hospitality and restaurant management roles for ClubMed, Disney (in both Florida and Paris, France), Sheraton Hotels (Frankfurt, Germany) as well as management positions in restaurant chains in the UK. Mark completed an MBA in 2010 with a master's thesis focused on food franchise operations. Through interviewing food business owners, franchise-holders and food-vendors, Mark found that he really enjoyed finding out exactly what compels people to start food businesses and what it is they do to make them profitable and rewarding. In recent years, Mark has also run a successful farmer's market business with his parents, both of whom are passionate 'foodies'. From sourcing ingredients to making food by hand, packaging it, pricing it and selling it in a competitive marketplace, Mark wants to help you to make your food startup a success.

Confectionery Hello Chocolate - Founder: Gillian Lyth

Meet Gillian and Stan Lyth, a couple who run the successful bespoke chocolate makers Hello Chocolate in Scotland which they started with a mere £400 ($640).

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Bootstrapping your new business is a great way to finally get set up and moving without a lot of money to start with. Learn to Bootstrap your food business!

Confectionery Tache Chocolate - Aditi's Adorable Apprentice Angels

Aditi tells of her devotion to building a respected artisan food business in the heart of NYC on her own terms, benefiting from a network of family members.

Dairy Abernethy Butter - Alison and Will Abernethy

Alison and Will Abernethy run a highly-successful artisan butter-makers, and produce creamy hand-churned butter. They’re already in 55 restaurants across the UK, and spreading fast!