Author Mark Hayes - Editor

Mark Hayes - Editor

Graduating after 4 years at Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland, Mark worked in hospitality and restaurant management roles for ClubMed, Disney (in both Florida and Paris, France), Sheraton Hotels (Frankfurt, Germany) as well as management positions in restaurant chains in the UK. Mark completed an MBA in 2010 with a master's thesis focused on food franchise operations. Through interviewing food business owners, franchise-holders and food-vendors, Mark found that he really enjoyed finding out exactly what compels people to start food businesses and what it is they do to make them profitable and rewarding. In recent years, Mark has also run a successful farmer's market business with his parents, both of whom are passionate 'foodies'. From sourcing ingredients to making food by hand, packaging it, pricing it and selling it in a competitive marketplace, Mark wants to help you to make your food startup a success.

Dairy Improper Butter - Elaine Lavery and Hannah O'Reilly

Elaine and Hannah have taken Irish butter and created three flavours, which they market under their brand ‘Improper Butter’, a venture-capitalist backed business

Business The Chips are Down - How to decide the price of your food product

As a food entrepreneur, you have to understand your costs before you can know just how profitable your food business will be. So let’s get started.

Blog Quest Nutrition - Entrepreneurial Rocket Chip

Quest Nutrition has added 189 employees and increased revenue from $USD 143,853 to a whopping, jaw-dropping, eye-popping $USD 82.6M. That’s a neat 57,348% growth in three years.

Dairy Jeni Britton Bauer

In today’s podcast, we meet Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams based in Columbus Ohio, author of the New York Times best-seller Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.

Blog Boston Public Market

In today’s podcast, we have the privilege of meeting Tiffany Emig, Market Manager for the new Boston Public Market, which opens its doors later this year in July 2015.

Health Two Chicks - Anna Richey and Alla Ouvarova Food Entrepreneurs

In today’s podcast, we meet Alla Ouvara, co-owner and founder of TwoChicks, a maker of egg-white products and a new range of healthy egg-white snacks called “Chirps”.

Blog Open for business - Your local farmers' market

So you want to start a food business? Excellent. Now, where to find your prospective customers? Ever thought of starting a farmers’ market stall? Read Part 1 of this series here.

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