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What inspires us and guides us?

Since the establishment of Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food Movement in 1989, there has been a significant impetus among food-makers towards revitalising old methods of food production using quality, natural ingredients.

Recent economic turmoil has further accelerated the growth of artisan food business as people question the merits of life-in-the-office and explore the possibilities of making a living (and life-style) from small food ‘start-ups’. Thousands of individuals, couples and groups of friends are abandoning their desk-based office jobs in order to transform themselves into chocolatiers, distillers, butchers, confectioners and brewers.

Thanks to television lifestyle programs and the internet, the prospect of making food and beverage products has never been more relevant, rewarding and possible than it is today.

Thousands of people (yes, thousands)  – just like you – have decided that they want to start new whisky distilleries, organic meat farms, paleo food brands and even fair-trade cocoa plantations. Others have started kick-ass sandwich shops, international coffee franchises, sauce companies and mind-bogglingly successful smoothie brands.

From Texas to Toronto; from San Francisco to Sydney, we meet each week with the founders and owners of such successful food and beverage businesses across the world.

Because we know you’re listening and can’t help wondering how they did it, we ask the kinds of pretty direct business questions you want answered:

  • How did they come up with their branding and name?
  • Which products they make
  • How they market to their customers
  • How they make money
  • Which lessons they have learned
  • Which mistakes they have corrected
  • Which equipment they use
  • How they financed their start up …. and much more

This information is then shared with you for free! If you yearn to start a food or beverage business, we believe that this website and the accompanying podcast are required reading.

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Notes from the Editor

Hi and welcome to Make Money with Food!

If you are a first-time visitor, thanks for visiting our site. We bring you great interviews with food entrepreneurs every week.  If you are starting a cake-making business, a brewery or even a brand of organic foods, you simply have to listen to our guests. The tips, stories and advice we come across in talking to these courageous and successful people are probably worth gold dust to you.

Why are we interested in bringing these stories and other resources to you? For my part, you could say that I have a mixed background of relevant experience. When I was 22, I graduated from Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland. (Boy, was I a dunce!).

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of working with Sheraton Hotels in Germany, Disney in both Florida and Paris as well as the French holiday resort-chain Club Med, where I was entrusted with the responsibilities of Restaurant Manager. Very very hard work, but I was constantly exposed to food and business and learnt a lot quickly. Several years in various restaurants followed that.

In recent years, I have been appointed to various management (mysteriously!) positions in marketing, lead-generation, market-research and technology companies in Europe and overseas but I have always found myself dabbling in food. For several years, I had the privilege of running an artisan food business alongside my parents Gillian and Jerry as well as other artisan food makers from around the world in the Limerick Milk Market.

In 2010, I graduated with an MBA from the University of Ulster and was particularly fortunate to be a member of the winning team, which was presented with the Institute of Directors’ Prize for Strategic Marketing. My master’s thesis addressed franchising in the food industry.  In its preparation, I was fortunate to interview top industry executives as well as the founders of several recognised food brands. I was now hooked!

I am fortunate, in that my mother, Gillian is a frequent contributor to this site. She is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London and has been a cookery instructor and food-hygiene examiner for over thirty years. Without her, I would never been exposed to the infectious love of food and great wine which in turn has led me to create this site. Thanks, Mum!

Over to You

So, is this the site for you? I sincerely believe that the podcast interviews, articles and resources here on makemoneywithfood.com are required listening and reading if you plan to emulate the success of chocolatiers, cheese-makers, bakers, brewers, distillers and smoothie-makers etc around the world. Now is the time.  They have done it! You can too!  Let them tell you how!

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Mark Hayes - Editor

Editor & Contributor

p.s. If you have any ideas, critique or suggestions, please drop me a line.  I do my very best to respond personally to all correspondence.


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